NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
codeThe code used to create this site. Sean Lynch <>2019-10-10 19:52
collectd-memcached-bucketGrab stats for individual buckets in the NorthMemCouchScaleBase bucket engine and shove them into collectd Sean Lynch <>2010-03-18 22:52
ittySean's Itty Bitty Programming Language Sean Lynch <>2010-08-26 21:46
misc_pythonSean's miscellaneous Python code that's not big enough for its own repo. Sean Lynch <>2019-10-07 21:11
mooaLua + lubev + sandboxing Sean Lynch <>2016-02-24 06:54
moondialA sun clock that shows moon and planet positions along with the moon's terminator, a strip with mean time at every longitude, and selected cities with lines to their respective civil time. Sean Lynch <>2018-01-19 07:29
pycollectdPython interface to collectd-unixsock Sean Lynch <>2010-03-23 01:19
pykissPython Kisekae set viewer Sean Lynch <>2010-06-08 16:45
pynaclPython wrapper for Sean Lynch <>2013-10-04 05:52
pythonversePython-based client for OpenVerse with extra features Sean Lynch <>2010-02-16 19:37
twistileThe beginnings of a server for a tile-based game using Crossfire assets. Sean Lynch <>2011-08-24 04:46
webdialIncomplete JS port of moondial. Sean Lynch <>2012-03-10 20:38
zibbrRandom 3d and p2p stuff that was originally the beginnings of an overly ambitious p2p virtual world thingy Sean Lynch <>2010-01-23 00:07