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      1 # Generator for
      3 The purpose of this project is to allow serving Git repositories from
      4 a static web server. To use it, clone this repo, then edit the file
      5 "url.m4" to point at where you will be hosting the files. Leave REPO
      6 as it is; that will be replaced with the name of each repository.
      8 Next, for each repository you want to serve code for, change to the
      9 local copy of the directory that you want the repositories to be
     10 hosted under and run `<clone dir>/make-new-repository <repo name>`.
     11 This will create a bare repo named `<repo name>.git` that you can push
     12 the code to and set up a post-update hook to make that repo clonable
     13 over a "dumb transport" like http as well as generate the index. It
     14 will also copy logo.png and style.css from the same directory as
     15 make-new-repo into the destination directory for the generated HTML,
     16 so replace those with your own if you want.
     18 Before pushing to the bare repo, edit the file "owner" in the root of
     19 the repo to contain the name and email of the repo maintainer (I'd
     20 recommend using a mailing list for group projects and accepting
     21 patches that way). Edit "description" to be a short description of the
     22 project.
     24 Add the newly created bare repo as a remote to your working copy, then
     25 push to it any time you want to update the HTML. You can also run `gen
     26 <bare git repo>` or even `gen *.git` to update the HTML without
     27 pushing in case you update any of the owner, description, or url files.
     29 Copy the files over to your static web server by whatever method you
     30 normally use. You can add this to the post-update hook if you want.