Sean's miscellaneous Python code that's not big enough for its own repo.
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README.md (1346B)

      1 # Sean Lynch's miscellaneous python code
      3 This is a repository where I stick Python stuff that's too small to
      4 warrant its own repo. I have written these over a period of years, so
      5 some are Python 2 and others are Python 3, and the quality is
      6 extremely variable. This is by no means a complete representation of
      7 the Python code I've written, just the stuff I thought to stick here.
      9 # License
     11 Everything in here is licensed under the GNU AGPL v3 or (at your
     12 option) later. The reason for choosing AGPL is to avoid helping
     13 organizations that prohibit its use. If you are impacted by my choice
     14 of license, please consider working for a company that allows AGPL.
     16 # The files
     18 * hashtree.py - I have forgotten what this does. If you can figure it out, please let me
     19 know.
     20 * lam.py - An implementation of the Lambda Calculus. I forget how
     21   complete it is.
     22 * online.py - A very slow implementation of online codes, a fountain
     23   code that will generate an infinite number of blocks, any n of which
     24   will reconstruct the original file with very high probability.
     25 * rss2json.py - Convert an RSS feed to JSON for processing with other
     26   programs, like in a shell pipeline with jq.
     27 * maze.py - Generate a maze and return a list of (x, y, vertical)
     28   tuples with the locations of the walls.
     29 * sieve.py - Naive implementation of the Sieve of Eritosthenes.