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git clone
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2013-10-04 05:52Merge pull request #6 from glaslos/masterSean Richard Lynch2+14-7
2012-01-17 21:58turn off unoptimized compilers to save build timeBrian Warner1+0-2
2012-01-17 17:34handle variations in hostnames better, remove dead codeBrian Warner1+20-32
2012-01-16 19:39fix is-64bit test (uname reports i386, but OS-X python is really amd64)Brian Warner1+20-4
2012-01-16 07:57add -fPIC to okcompilers/* commandsBrian Warner2+16-16
2012-01-16 21:06modify to use pre-built copy of embedded naclBrian Warner2+41-48
2012-01-13 07:44embed copy of NaCl-20110221Brian Warner490+97801-0
2012-02-13 16:59Merge pull request #3 from warner/docstringsSean Richard Lynch1+188-0
2012-02-11 06:20Merge pull request #2 from warner/remove-dupSean Richard Lynch2+21-29
2011-06-14 21:54Add crypto_scalarmult_curve25519 and clean up the docs a bit.Sean Lynch3+71-4
2012-02-04 07:48Merge pull request #1 from k3d3/masterSean Richard Lynch5+161-61
2011-06-14 05:35Add auth and onetimeauth functions.Sean Lynch3+80-3
2011-06-14 05:34Add a couple tests.Sean Lynch1+23-3
2011-06-14 05:32Remove some unnecessary typechecks.Sean Lynch1+9-9
2011-06-13 05:56Add the license.Sean Lynch2+22-0
2011-06-13 05:49Add docs and move paths to environment variables.Sean Lynch2+73-10
2011-06-13 04:29Add symmetric encryption (crypto_stream) support.Sean Lynch2+83-36
2011-06-13 02:25Add a bunch more constants.Sean Lynch1+17-3
2011-06-13 02:17Add authenticated secret-key encryption (crypto_secretbox) support.Sean Lynch2+57-2
2011-06-13 01:51Add randombytes and authenticated encryption.Sean Lynch2+181-78
2011-06-12 06:04Initial commit.Sean Lynch3+299-0